Wedding Officiant

Congratulations on your engagement! If you have come to this page, you are likely looking for someone to officiate your wedding.

Joel Gardner, Humanist Celebrant, officiates a mountaintop wedding in Mackay, ID

Idaho Wedding Officiant

My name is Joel Gardner and I am an ordained Humanist Celebrant endorsed by the Humanist Society’s Celebrant Endorsement Committee. This means that, while not affiliated with a church or religious organization, I am recognized by the State of Idaho as an “authorized clergy member” when it comes to solemnizing marriages.

As a secular humanist, I perform secular wedding ceremonies. If you are curious about exactly what a humanist is, please visit You do not need to be a humanist for me to officiate your wedding ceremony.

I became an Celebrant because I feel that a couple should not have to join a church or profess any sort of faith in order to have a meaningful ceremony. I will work with you to create a ceremony that is a reflection of you and your partner and your love for each other.

“He performed the ceremony with feeling and caring even though we had never met him in person before. He made our special day very memorable. I would recommend his services to anyone.” – AJ

Officiant Fees

Fees are based on the type of ceremony and the amount of travel required. These are the base fees without travel:

Full Wedding with Rehearsal – $130
(non-refundable $50 deposit required to secure a specific date)
Includes initial consultation, help with customizing the ceremony, rehearsal, ceremony, and signing the marriage license.

Full Wedding without Rehearsal – $100
(non-refundable $50 deposit required to secure a specific date)
Includes initial consultation, help with customizing the ceremony, ceremony, and signing the marriage license.

Elopement – $50
-Includes a very brief, informal ceremony (if desired) and signing the marriage license.
-The deposit and fee can be paid with cash, check, or credit card.

To give you an idea of the cost of a ceremony in various locations in Southeast Idaho, here is a list of locations with the officiant fee and travel costs combined:

AreaCeremony without
Rehearsal + Travel
Ceremony with
Rehearsal + Travel
American Falls$130$180
Idaho Falls$150$220

Joel told us that he originally became an officiant to help his friends, and continued to be an officiant because he enjoys helping every couple have the wedding of their dreams. We definitely saw this to be true in everything he did for us…. – Yegor & Kirsten

I don’t feel that lack of funds should prohibit a couple from having a meaningful ceremony. If the rates above are truly out of your budget, let me know and we will work something out.

I primarily serve the East Idaho (Pocatello, Idaho Falls) area but I can travel to just about anywhere to perform your ceremony. Travel outside of the Pocatello area will likely incur additional travel fees.

If you are in the south eastern Idaho region, I would HIGHLY recommend you use Joel Gardener for your officiant. Joel, thank you for making our wedding day so easy and stress free! – Cari

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